SIDU is a database front-end tool GUI

SIDU is a FREE database client working via web browser. SIDU is a simple, intuitive and easy database admin tool. Simply copy SIDU to your website and run without any setup. Written in PHP.

SIDU is a handy database admin tool

  • SIDU stands for SQL Select Insert Delete Update.
  • SIDU can do more jobs than above tasks.
  • SIDU works via web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.
  • SIDU looks like database font-end software GUI rather than web pages.
  • SIDU works for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. And other PDO supported database engines.

A professional database tool and FREE For

MySQL + PostgreSQL + SQLite

SIDU 2023.0707 released on 07 Jul 2023

MySQL SIDU, PostrgreSQL SIDU, SQLite SIDU - My best SQL front-end GUI. FREE database admin and client tools.

SIDU is not only a joy tool, it helps you to have an easy life with databases, and enjoy the relaxation at work.

Database web admin tool for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite

Watch SIDU 6.3 introduction on Youtube