List of SIDU features

SIDU stands for Select Insert Delete Update. However SIDU has all features that you need for database admin and development.

SIDU is small in size, it does big jobs. It"s easy to use and do not require any installation or configuration.

Quick view of some of the features

The screenshot page is a good start to understand what SIDU can do for you with images.

You can also read history log page to understand more new features added recently

  • SIDU works via web browsers for databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and CUBRID (SIDU 5.5 drops CUBRID);
  • SIDU works on any OS and any modern browsers;
  • SIDU can group objects eg tables by first x chars of table names, and which you can control freely;
  • Data result can be sorted in 1 or 2 columns, which you can switch to your favorable mode;
  • SIDU can connect to mulitple servers locally and remotely, you can run multiple SIDU at same time;
  • You can turn on SIDU firewall to double secure your data over internet;
  • SIDU is working for multiple users and multiple sessions at the same time;
  • Empty, drop, export or change engine of tables at one click.
  • Show data results with Topnew SVG charts.

Secure SIDU connections

  • Connect to multiple databases at same time;
  • Connect for multiple users and multiple sesssions;
  • Connect to server locally and remotely;
  • Connect protected by SIDU firewall;
  • Connect in quick mode or from a saved file;
  • Connect to multiple SQLite/CUBRID database files;
  • Connect sessions use advansed encryption method.

Tidy SIDU menu tree

  • Objects can be grouped by first x chars of its names;
  • Only scan objects of open db to speed up your connection.

Advanced SIDU object browser

  • DB list or table data can be sorted by 1 or 2 columns;
  • DB list, table data or SQL result can be displayed in grid or text mode;
  • Object: create, drop, empty, export, analyze, change engine, optimize, ... at one click for bulk tables, etc
  • Object: list view with helpful stats;
  • Postgres: OID can be on/off easily at any time.

3-way of running SQL with SIDU

  • You can run multiple SQLs seperated by ; + new line;
  • RunAll will run all SQLs in SQL window, and only display the first SQL result which contains data, such as a select;
  • Run will only run highlighted SQLs, and also only display the first SQL result which contains data;
  • MultiRun will only run highlighted SQLs, and will display all SQL result data. This is handy when you want to run and compare data from multiple SQLs on the same screen;
  • If no SQL is highlighted in SQL window, Run / Multi will only run the SQL block of current cursor, stops at new lines before and after. Instead of all SQL in any previous versions than 5.5. This feature is changed to make SIDU more friendly in tablet or mobile devices.
  • SIDU SQL result is provided Topnew SVG charts.
  • Since 5.5 add /*SIDU_SQL1*/ at front to run selected / all SQLs as one

Easy data with SIDU

  • Table desc: click on column to have handy stats;
  • Table data: easy filter, hide columns etc.
  • Table data: drag resize column grid;
  • Table data: can be selected from a list if enum
  • Table data: easy page navigation;
  • Add multiple new data rows, or edit data, and then save at one click, just as if it is a spreedsheet;
  • Delete multiple rows at one click;
  • Table data: backup data before being updated or deleted;
  • Table data: sidu_fk table produces more meaningful and easy drop-down select for foreign key or meta tables;
  • Since 5.5 view data as json mode as well as HTML / input mode

Other SIDU features

  • View SQL history, then delete those un-wanted;
  • Since 5.5 save history into sidu_log table
  • Short-hand SQL templates;
  • Show server system values, system variables;
  • Flush: logs, hosts, privileges, tables, status, cache, ...
  • Export data from DB | Table | SQL to html | csv | sql | json, and display on screen or download zip;
  • Easy to remember hotkeys provided to work without a mouse;
  • Import SQL|csv data quickly into single table or tables of a DB, using bulk insert mode to speed up the transaction;
  • Manage database user easily via GUI;
  • To calm down PostgreSQL not to be too strict with data input;
  • and many many more ... discover by yourself.

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