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Blog Docs 7 - Admin tools

There are basic blog admin tools available (not copied back from previous version yet) via:

at the bottom of editing any topic page:

* Update Created: ?ajax=created&val=2018-12-25 12:34:56
* Unlock: ?ajax=unlock&val=x (login only)
* Update Meta: ?ajax=ext_url&val=www.
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Blog Docs 6 - Themes

Default blog will use Topnew MVC and it is using /css/2018.css, 2019.js

However you can overwrite via /blog/blog.css, blog.js

And you can also change view files at: /var/www/app/View/Blog/cat.blade.php, home.blade.php etc

OR you can even make it look totally differen
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Blog Docs 5 - Category

This table holds all category id (cat) and category name (name or url) and category info (displayed as text)

eg name = news-media
if info = '', info will auto displayed as News Media. So if you want to display something else, you need input here.

cat id 1 .. 99 is reserved
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Blog Docs 4 - Admin staff users

Use your existing user table, and only import user_id in to = 1001 eg

REPLACE INTO blog_cat(cat,name,info) VALUES

staff user id is a json of: catetory and user ids, above means:

cat = 1 (all cate
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Blog Docs 3 - Advanced Setup

Please read topnew/src/Blog/config.ini, config.en.ini etc
Do not change directly on above ini file, instead, you can add at /blog/index.php $init settings eg:

The docs at the config.ini etc should be self explained and easy to understand.

$init = [
// other config
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