Topnew CMS v 2018.10.10

Topnew CMS is a collection of PHP functions to generate professional websites easily. The following is selection of commonly used 25 CMS from 50+ Topnew CMS.

25 Commonly used Topnew CMS

However some of above 25 CMS are no longer in maintenance. The following list of CMS are still active and updated from time to time:

BANK - Benson Bank CMS v 2020.02.02

Benson Bank CMS is a free cash management system written in PHP + MySQL / SQLite. It is an easy tool to manage your finance.

CHART - SVG Charts v 2019.11.11

Topnew bChart (PHP GD) is replaced by SVG Chart, which is a tiny single PHP file to produce nice SVG charts for HTML5 websites.

Topnew\Db v 2019.10.10

Topnew CMS DB is a full set collection of functions for database (MySQL / PostgreSQL / SQLite / MS-SQL) : Wiki

SIDU - SIDU DB GUI v6.1 - 2019.09.09

SIDU is a FREE database client working via web browser. SIDU is a simple, intuitive and easy database admin tool. Simply copy SIDU to your website and run without any setup. Written in PHP. Currently support MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Cubrid.

Topnew\Data v 2018.11.11

Topnew CMS Data helper is a collection of functions to clean and/or validate form data, supporting Topnew\Form : Wiki

Topnew\Blog v 2018.10.10

Topnew Blog CMS does multiple jobs, eg. blog, forum, wiki, support ticket etc. Multiple blog/wiki etc can be cloned on the same site using same database.

Topnew\Form v 2018.09.09

Topnew CMS Form helper is a collection of functions to generate html form

Topnew\Family v 2018.07.07

Family tree CMS is a tree management not only for people of a family, but also projects in the relationship like a tree.

ACC - Secure PHP login v 2018.05.05

A PHP login script for http and https sites. Client side password encription via javascript, before sending to a PHP server.

Topnew\Ajax v 2018.04.04

Topnew CMS Ajax is a collection of functions for ajax calls

CMS and CSS - Topnew CMS v 2018.02.02

New CSS and MVC light framework

PAGE - Topnew Page Maker v5.5 - 2016.04.04

Topnew Page Maker CMS manages websites, upload / download files, create / update files.

BOOK - Topnew Libray CMS

This CMS manages books, music, video, photos and bookmarks. Will return in the near future.

CHAT - Topnew Chat CMS

Topnew Chat CMS provides live chat for customer, easy links back to company's sales database for staff to support orders and shipments.

PASS - Topnew Password CMS

This CMS has moved into Topnew CMS Core as an encryption / decryption plugin for Topnew CMS.

TIME - Topnew Time CMS

Topnew Time CMS manages events and calendar. This is one of the oldest Topnew CMS, created since 2001.

A list of CMS Helper Functions

The following is a list of single file PHP helper functions available with Topnew CMS.

cms_html() v5.5 - 2016.09.09

Topnew CMS HTML helper is a collection of functions to generate common html code

cms_grid() v5.5 - 2016.07.07

Topnew CMS Grid helper is a PHP function to generate html code for Grid data