Topnew CMS

Topnew CMS is a PHP framework to generate professional websites easily. Below is a selection of commonly used 25 CMS from 50+ Topnew CMS.

25 Commonly used Topnew CMS

SIDU - SIDU DB GUI 2023.0707

SIDU is a FREE database client working via web browser. SIDU is a simple, intuitive and easy database admin tool. Simply copy SIDU to your website and run without any setup. Written in PHP. Currently support MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite.

Topnew CSS v 2023.01.01

Topnew CSS is a tiny css style sheets including a responsive grid system, basic html shapes, and upto 5 primary color schemes.

TIME - Topnew Time CMS v 2022.06.06

Topnew Time CMS manages events and calendar. This is one of the oldest Topnew CMS, created since 2001. Latest updates on Chinese lunar calendar of gan zhi lookup per year / month / day / hour. Also a medicine calendar for daily dosage reminder.

Topnew\Auth - Secure PHP login v 2022.05.05

A PHP login script for http and https sites. Client side password encription via javascript, before sending to a PHP server.

Topnew\Page Maker v 2022.04.04

Topnew Page Maker CMS manages websites, upload / download files, create / update files. zip /unzip, file preview, file stats, multiple files tasks. Rename, copy, move, symbolic links, file diff etc. Support for multiple sites. 22K space need.

Topnew\Blog v 2022.03.03

Topnew Blog CMS does multiple jobs, eg. blog, forum, wiki, faq, support ticket etc. Multiple blog/wiki etc can be cloned on the same site using same database. Total 48k unzipped. It supports multiple languages, post, read, search, reply, sorting, votes, stats, spam blocker etc. Staff / visitor access controls.

Topnew\CMS Core v 2022.02.02

Topnew CMS Core is a tiny framework of only 200 lines of PHP code which includes a basic service container, router, i.e. pass a url into a controller and method and output a view to the front, using Twig or Blade.

Topnew\Db v 2022.01.01

Topnew CMS DB is a database library (MySQL / PostgreSQL / SQLite / MS-SQL) : Wiki. Which can be used as a dynamic model for Topnew MVC

Topnew\Bank - Benson Bank CMS v 2020.02.02

Benson Bank CMS is a free cash management system written in PHP + MySQL / SQLite. It is an easy tool to manage your finance. Daily bookkeeping and tax.

Topnew\Chart - v 2019.11.11

Topnew SVG Chart is a tiny single PHP file to produce nice SVG charts for HTML5 websites, various bar charts, line chart and pie chart.

Topnew\Data v 2018.11.11

Topnew Data helper is a PHP library to clean and/or validate form data, wiki

Topnew\Form v 2018.10.10

Topnew Form helper is a collection of functions to generate html form. It was the most pupular library and helps a lot in the past to generate HTML of forms easily before the usage of view templates.

Topnew\Family v 2018.07.07

Family tree CMS is a tree management not only for people of a family, but also projects in the relationship like a tree.

Topnew\Ajax v 2018.04.04

Topnew CMS Ajax is a collection of functions for ajax calls

BOOK - Topnew Libray CMS

This CMS manages books, music, video, photos and bookmarks. Will return in the near future.

CHAT - Topnew Chat CMS

Topnew Chat CMS provides live chat for customer, easy links back to company's sales database for staff to support orders and shipments.

PASS - Topnew Password CMS

This CMS has moved into Topnew CMS Core as an encryption / decryption plugin for Topnew CMS.

A list of CMS Helper Functions

The following is a list of single file PHP helper functions available with Topnew CMS.

cms_html() v5.5 - 2016.09.09

Topnew CMS HTML helper is a collection of functions to generate common html code

cms_grid() v5.5 - 2016.07.07

Topnew CMS Grid helper is a PHP function to generate html code for Grid data