SIDU Screenshot

SIDU Database Web GUI is a FREE database client working via web browser. It is small in size but with a rich collection of features handy for database admin and development.

1 - SIDU connection: MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite

Since 5.5, only connect to MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite, for other database engines please try 5.4.3

SIDU connection

2 - SIDU home page

SIDU home page

3 - SIDU menu tree and database object browser

You can see on the left menu-tree window: objects can be grouped to prevent scrolling too long on the page. You can customize the rule to group in SIDU option.

SIDU also provides helpful statistics on the object list window, eg size, rows, keys etc.

SIDU database

SIDU provides a list of handy tools to manage multiple database objects at a click, the tools will vary from database engines, these tools also available for an individual table.

SIDU database tool

4 - Table, desc, data, insert, update, delete, sort, filter, view

Table description is using colorful keywords for easy reading; also with useful stats of each fields; click to sort by field name or type, click on field name to get top 20 data values.

SIDU table desc

Handy data filter on spot, you can hide some columns. And you can sort data in two columns.

You are happy to drag resize grid easily.

Select options will be available if a column type is enum, or has foreign keys, or manually setup via sidu_fk

SIDU table

SIDU table sort

5 - Run SQL at your choices

There are 3 types of tools to run SQL for you:

» RunAll will run all SQLs in SQL window, and only display the first SQL result which contains data, such as a select;

» Run will only run highlighted SQLs, and also only display the first SQL result which contains data;

» MultiRun will only run highlighted SQLs, and will display all SQL result data. This is handy when you want to run and compare data from multiple SQL results on the same screen.

If the first line of (selected) SQL = /*SIDU_SQL*/, it will run all/selected SQLs as one SQL

If no SQL is highlighted in SQL window, Run / Multi will only run the SQL block of current cursor, stops at new lines before and after. Instead of all SQL in any previous versions than 5.5. This feature is changed to make SIDU more friendly in tablet or mobile devices.


Show Charts for SQL result, using Topnew SVG Chart plugin

SIDU SQL charts in PostgreSQL

6 - PostgreSQL SIDU and SQLite SIDU

As you see many screenshots of MySQL above and PostgreSQL, the next one is SQLite


7 - SIDU CSV data import

SIDU Import

8 - SIDU Export

SIDU Export

You can also select multiple tables / whole database to export

SIDU Export database

9 - SIDU Options

SIDU Options

10 - Create a new table

There is no GUI provided for this task in order to keep your SQL skills. However most common SQL keywords provided for click to save time on typing:

SIDU Create table

11 - MySQL User Management

For MySQL SIDU, if you have enough access, you can manage database user accounts easily.


MySQL SIDU User - Global privileges

SIDU screenshot part 2 - The old versions