SIDU 2023 DB Web GUI - Download FREE

SIDU 2023 has successfully passed real time testing in huge data warehouse. Download this FREE SQL front-end "GUI" tool now and make your database life easier :)

Download SIDU 2023.0707 - 2023.07.07 - 271k (276,493 bytes): Download now
md5: dde3a31377e342fa216aeb9869e5fdc2
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

What's new in SIDU 2023.0707

  • Fixed: PHP8 compatible
  • Added: PgSQL icon on browser tab
  • Added: Abbr name of each connection on browser tab

Download SIDU 2023.beta - 2023.03.03

This is a testing version only - 270k (276,471 bytes): Download now
md5: d7ada17a57dd6f7ae9621d1c90a892a5
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

Download SIDU 6.3 - 2021.09.19 - 272k (277,668 bytes): Download now
md5: 4cdb2e2b4c96633f68cba73f64d65749
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

What's new in SIDU 6.3

  • Added : MySQL tab data foreign key click to go to reference table

Installation instruction

You do not need to install or configure SIDU. However you need to download the zip file and unzip it and just copy to your web folder. You can rename folder name from sidu to some-sidu to make it private.

A small tool does big job

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