What's new / TODO

Download SIDU 2023.0707 - 2023.07.07

sidu2023.zip - 271k (276,490 bytes): Download now
md5: b0b1191455e76ee5cdbbdf0c5b319d25
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

What's new in SIDU 2023.0707

  • Fixed: PHP8 compatible
  • Added: PgSQL icon on browser tab
  • Added: Abbr name of each connection on browser tab

Download SIDU 2023.beta - 2023.03.03

This is a testing version only

sidu2023beta.zip - 270k (276,471 bytes): Download now
md5: d7ada17a57dd6f7ae9621d1c90a892a5
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

Download SIDU 6.3 - 2021.09.19

sidu63.zip - 272k (277,668 bytes): Download now
md5: 4cdb2e2b4c96633f68cba73f64d65749
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

What's new in SIDU 6.3

  • Added : MySQL tab data foreign key click to go to reference table

Download SIDU 6.2 - 2021.09.09

sidu62.zip - 271k (277,409 bytes): Download now
md5: 1931dd7673651b815e054d25521f38e1
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

What's new in SIDU 6.2

  • Upgraded : menu group eg users and user_ to be user
  • Upgraded : Topnew\Chart v 2019 plugin
  • Fixed: DB/table name etc contains dot need quoted
  • Fixed: SQLite3 SQL result no table head
  • Fixed: SQLite3 tab default value remove quote
  • Fixed: PostgreSQL 12.3 sequence values not complete
  • Fixed: PostgreSQL 12.3 col stat bug for odd types
  • Fixed: PostgreSQL 12.3 col default value missing
  • Fixed: PostgreSQL 12.3 tab header missing
  • Fixed : SQL Chart serial name missing bug
  • Fixed : MySQL 8 user management
  • Fixed : MySQL 8 user grants -- seems SQL-92 no longer valid for grant all previleges?
  • Fixed : MySQL 8 Flush All bug -- remove 2 not supported by My8
  • Added : Click on history to copy to clipboard, or to run
  • Added : SQL run json into table result started with /*SIDU_JSON*/
  • Added : SQL run CSV into table result started with /*SIDU_CSV*/
  • Added : Memory usage for each SQL
  • Added : Bulk remove col default charset collate per table
  • Added : Bulk alter table default charset collate per db
  • Added : MySQL tab desc SQL helper alter charset collate
  • Added : Homepage sum of storage etc stats
  • Added : Export custom file name
  • Added : MySQL login add utf8mb4 support

Download SIDU 6.1 - 2019.09.09

sidu61.zip - 276k (275,810 bytes): Download now
md5: 3a0283bdb4eaa02b1c586f988ec27da6
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

What's New In SIDU 6.1

  • Fixed Login Cookie crashes - otherwise you can also clear cookies
  • Improved UI Data Select scrollbar-x CSS
  • Add MySQL tinyint(4) cleanup in Table Desc

Download SIDU 6.0 - 2018.06.06

sidu60.zip - 277k (276,788 bytes): Download now
md5: ffc30e7b0317a6b42baf47c7116ca7e0
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

What's New In SIDU 6.0

  • ADDed MySQL Foreign Key maps
  • ADDED tree for menu db names. i.e. db name now be grouped eg 1_db1, 1_db2 ...
  • ADDED mysql.information_schema.tables click on table name goto table directly
  • ADDED support for SQL keyword as column name
  • Fixed SQL result table header hover no column name
  • Fixed tab add row keyword col broken eg `key`

Download SIDU 5.5 - 2017.05.05

sidu55.zip - 272k (272,754 bytes): Download now
md5: 6a7192962ee08ab9e0ca08be0fdaa0bd
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

What's New In SIDU 5.5

  • Tab data edit add multiple select for set datatype, and datepicker for date
  • Data add json view mode, export to json format.
  • Export add js to show dynamic conditions on selection.
  • Add SIDU log to table features
  • Improved MySQL user management
  • MySQL 5.7 user.Password, sys.view.$view in menu tree.
  • Fix some warning msg in PHP 7.0 and 7.1

Download SIDU 5.5 beta - 2017.02.28

sidu55.beta.zip - 275k (275,004 bytes): Download now
md5: 76d71f1c5d9abc6e11c1f8a32f9cc8de
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

What's New In SIDU 5.5

  • All code re-write and GUI re-designed
  • SIDU 5.5 only support MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite
  • Removed iframes, div frames are both click and drag resizable.
  • Mobile friendly, no need to select SQL to run, will run SQL at cursor block.
  • Run all / selected SQL as one SQL.
  • Save history to sidu_log table.
  • Apart from existing web hotkeys. There are new SIDU fn keys (Shift or Alt or Ctrl, no matter which you love) + click on menu tree object will open object in new window / tab.
  • In database mode, click on search will search database object; in table mode, click on search will search table column within a database.
  • Different database engine / host / etc, synchronise.
  • Improved data import / export, adding new json format to export. Download unzipped files if zip driver not available. Increased export file size to roughly 50MB depending on actually server settings.
  • Improved data grid more user friendly.
  • Default to data text mode to improve speed.
  • And too many more, discovered by yourself.

Download SIDU 5.4.3 - 2016.12.28

sidu54.3.zip - 285k (285,164 bytes): Download now
md5: 9210166d6ddda28bf49d47cfe8be594b
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

What's New In SIDU 5.4.3

  • Fixed: keywwords contains hyphen or number all need quoted
  • Added: Menu tree, active desc show red highlighted as well
  • Added: Table data text view mode, add basic json view
  • 修正: 数据库名,表格名等含有 - 或者数字,一律加引号
  • 增加: 目录树对当前表格等对象显示红色
  • 增加: 表格数据可以显示 JSON 格式

Download SIDU 5.4.2 - 2016.05.28

sidu54.2.zip - 282k (282,147 bytes): Download now
md5: 98bf6253828f2a22d57e68a655a6eb07
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

What's New In SIDU 5.4.2

  • Fixed Bug in menu tree for PHP5.3: mysqli

Download SIDU 5.4 - 2016.05.24

sidu54.zip - 282k (282,109 bytes): Download now
md5: 32a4a4caf871824c5a6a098e6aaac022 sidu54.zip
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

What's New In SIDU 5.4

  • Show menu tree by default
  • Menu tree link on click show color
  • Menu tree removed deprecated MySQL 5.0 version check
  • MySQL connect default to utf8
  • Table desc add {null} info if default is null
  • Add automatical login so that you can goto your target page without connection page, eg:
    OR &conn[pass]=xh45...EncrypedPassword..xldl&conn[penc]=1

    will bypass the connection page and goto table data page directly, which can be iframed into your webpage for special use.
  • Since chrome has fixed a bug, SIDU conn page use js-encrypt password by default
  • Deprecated two hotkey: LoadSQL Temp, which will be removed from 5.5 as they are not supported by Ubuntu + Firefox
  • Show server, PHP, database info on homepage
  • SQLite Export in multiple inserts instead of one insert per line.
  • SIDU 5.4 using Topnew SVG Chart instead of Topnew bChart
  • Upgrade export csv: double quote no need if there is no comma in data, and double double quote when needed.
  • Licence changed to MIT
  • 默认显示数据库列表,加亮显示选择
  • MySQL 默认 utf8 链接
  • 表单字段默认值 {null} 显示
  • 自动登入 SIDU 功能
  • 首页显示服务器基本参数
  • SQLite 每行导出多行数据
  • SIDU 5.4 使用 Topnew SVG 图表
  • 数据导入更新
  • 改用 MIT 授权

Download SIDU 5.3 - 2015.05.25

sidu53.zip - 315k (315,609 bytes): Download now
md5sum: bd597fc5082dc668a2b633ac641a6464 sidu53.zip
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

What's New In SIDU 5.3

  • Fixed possible hole for XSS attacker
  • 修补 XSS 攻击漏洞

Download SIDU 5.2 - 2015.05.02

sidu52.zip - 315k (315,741 bytes): Download now
md5sum: 417aa398e678142cc705e98d1d3e4f7d sidu52.zip
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

What's New In SIDU 5.2

  • Change: connection: turn off salt time limit at 8sec checking as some server does not keep salt cookie at all?
  • Change: seperate MySQL and PostgreSQL keywords
  • Add: sort by Field name or column Type for table desc
  • Fix: count(*) not shown for some table stat, not sure if it is a php bug
  • Add: menu tree sort: wp_ and drupal_
  • Export as csv: always one line per row; always double-quoted data if it is text; turn off some commends
  • Import: ignore x lines at head, y lines at foot
  • Import: use str_getcsv() to import csv correctly, original import remains when delimiter is more than 1char
  • Turn off toolbar rotate, as tablet not ready yet
  • Turn off big toolbar
  • MySQL view def, clean basic schema name if within same.
  • History display in text mode instead of table to fit well in smaller screen. also able to re-run the sql in history
  • CodeMirror plugin for SQL keyword highlighter
  • Save and download contents in SQL window
  • Fixed: XAMPP inc.page.php $lang
  • Fixed: MSSQL connect using dblib
  • Fixed: PDO pgsql pg_attribute.attnotnull=1/ instead of t/f
  • Add: Import/Export clean data:
    \r\n,\\r\\n,\n,\\n » newLine
    \t,\\t » TAB
    \",\\\",\\\\\\" » "
    \",\\\",\\\\\\" » "
  • 数据库结构可以按照字段名字或类型排序
  • 更新数据导出导入CSV模式
  • 点击历史重新运行SQL
  • SQL窗口关键字加亮显示
  • 改进SQL加载保存
  • 更多更新请看英文版说明

What's New In SIDU 5.1 - 2013.10.15

sidu51.zip - 303k (303,158 bytes): Download now
md5sum: 15c38410729613fc6e203fe2a4c4cfec sidu51.zip
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

  • Add charset to PDO MySQL

What's New In SIDU 5.0 - 2013.10.13

sidu50.zip - 303k (303,114 bytes): Download now
md5sum: 22325793cebba012f1068b04605d75cb sidu50.zip
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

  • SIDU starts to add PHP PDO to support more database engines
  • New: Database/table/data compare between 2 hosts or even 2 engines
  • Fixed: menu tree list bug for 4.0 in CUBRID
  • Fixed: PDO::rowCount() to display correct rows affected
  • Removed: SQLite 2
  • SIDU 开始采用 PHP PDO 支持更多的数据库引擎
  • 新增: 不同主机,数据库引擎之间的数据库/表/数据对比
  • 修复: 4.0 CUBRID 目录数显示问题
  • 修复: PDO::rowCount() 无法正确显示结果
  • 取消: SQLite 2 支持

What's New in SIDU 4.0 - 2012.12.22

sidu40.zip - 298k (298,018 bytes): Download now
md5sum: c84fe50e9b4ea6b080ea533591a5595a sidu40.zip
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

  • Mobile/Tablet friendly: frame changed to iframe
  • js dynamic password encrypted for http sites connection
  • conn.php: dropped button: test, open conn file
  • Fancy tool bar for tablet: rotate and size
  • Improved tree view for log_y_m and pg_ objects
  • 使用 iframe 确保平板电脑显示正常
  • 使用js动态加密,保证 http 网站安全链接
  • conn.php: 删除以下功能: test, open conn file
  • 工具条可以旋转90度,以及放大缩小
  • 改良目录树显示:log_y_m 以及 pg_

What's New in SIDU 3.7 - 2012.09.09

sidu37.zip - 211k (211,078 bytes): Download now
md5sum: 1edd16c88be1f48ee2cf0fc431788cb0 sidu37.zip
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

  • Fixed: Chrome show DB object checkbox too small
  • Fixed: cPanel: hide PHP warning MSG for MySQL admin user
  • Fixed: Opera: SQL load window z-index not top enough.
  • Plugin: disable SIDU admin for common users
  • Plugin: save SIDU log into file
  • Add: PostgreSQL show process list
  • This is season 3 final as SIDU plan to go for tablet in 4.0

What's New in SIDU 3.6 - 2012.07.06

sidu36.zip - 210k (210,473 bytes): Download now
md5sum: 646aedde16caa1f23227c6ccd4024cb5 sidu36.zip
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

  • Fixed: MySQL keyword used in column name, table desc mode stucked
  • Fixed: IE9: table data add new row JS not working

What's New in SIDU 3.5 - 2012.05.05

sidu35.zip - 210k (210,481 bytes): Download now
md5sum: 94fca5a478703ef37a03e2bff231f09d sidu35.zip
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

  • Core Code re-built ready to plugin any database engine listed on: http://au.php.net/manual/en/refs.database.vendors.php
  • CUBRID is successfully plugged into SIDU 3.5
  • SQL reserved keywords plugged into SIDU safety list
  • Removed file size limits (max 2MB) for SIDU import and export, you can import/export any file size supportted by your server setup
  • Upgraded sidu_fk table to handle meta tables
  • Fixed a bug in object search in PostgreSQL
  • Backslash issue fixed for any db any version

What's New in SIDU 3.4 - 2012.03.04

sidu34.zip - 202k (202,282 bytes): Download now
md5sum: af29b81b76ea54c03b5d71288b07fdca sidu34.zip
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

  • SIDU 3.4 successfully connected to SQLite 3+
  • SIDU 3.4 hides support for SQLite 2.* which is not deleted.
  • SIDU 3.4 for postgresql 9.0 vs 9.1 -- \n to be or not to be
  • SIDU 3.4 select fkey values: MySQL, Postgres, SQLite
  • SIDU 3.4 speedup more on menu-tree for MySQL 5.0.2+
  • FIXED -- Bug: data cbox can not uncheck

Download SIDU 3.3 - 2011.09.09

sidu33.zip - 195k (199,666 bytes): Download now
md5sum: 7fe43aa13a4e22253f90e13173bf2533 sidu33.zip
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

  • Add MySQL user management GUI
  • Add Enum select in data edit
  • Start to use jQuery, and reduced 30% html code
  • Improve menu tree loading speed, no scan by default
  • To make SQLite understand \n \" \" etc same way as other database
  • There have always been some bugs fixed
  • Some GUI enhancements
  • Improved blob editting screen
  • Add object search for: table, column, view, function, etc

Download SIDU 3.2 - 2010.05.02

sidu32.zip - 145.3k (148,775 bytes): Download now
md5sum: b9c927c298d939c9a139961e0f2ab073 sidu32.zip
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

* Bug fixed: no database selected
* Bug fixed: postgres connection for normal user

2010.02.28 - SIDU 3.1
2010.01.30 - SIDU 3.0 for MySQL + Postgres + SQLite

SIDU was called MySQL SIDU

  • 2009.09.24 - MySQL SIDU 2.4 Season 2 Final
  • 2008.02.16 - MySQL SIDU 2.3 speaks Italiano
  • 2007.10.23 - MySQL SIDU 2.3 speaks Chinese: Ni Hao!
  • 2007.09.22 - MySQL SIDU 2.2 best wishes and good luck
  • 2007.09.02 - MySQL SIDU 2.1 shining in the world
  • 2007.08.18 - MySQL SIDU 1.8 season one final
  • 2007.08.07 - MySQL SIDU 1.7 introduces new features
  • 2007.07.16 - MySQL SIDU 1.6 manages MySQL users
  • 2007.07.05 - MySQL SIDU 1.5 becomes professional
  • 2007.07.04 - MySQL SIDU 1.4 imports and exports data
  • 2007.06.23 - MySQL SIDU 1.3 ranks #48 in sf.net
  • 2007.06.12 - MySQL SIDU 1.2 becomes handy and stable
  • 2007.05.11 - MySQL SIDU 1.1 was released with smiles
  • 2007.04.25 - MySQL SIDU 1.0 was born in happiness
  • 2007.03.25 - MySQL SIDU project started from scratch