SIDU Support and Help Desk

  • Seperate multiple SQLs with ; + line feed
  • SIDU firewall is blank by default, you can update at the last line of file
  • Refresh table before editting newly-added rows
  • It's a good idea to have a primary key in a table.
  • SQLite folder+file must be rw-able by server user
  • Please refresh SIDU after sidu_fk table is created

How to install databases

You need to check official websites as howto. Here is a quick guide for ubuntu users as howto install Apache2+PHP5, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and CUBRID

Optional sidu_fk table

sidu_fk is an optional table helps you and SIDU work better for foreign keys, enum, or meta data. Click here to read more...

SIDU hotkey list

SIDU provides a full list of hotkeys to work without a mouse

SIDU SQL in charts: howto

There are 3 types of bar-charts to show according to the structure SQL result: read more...

Godaddy Magic Quotes Problem

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Contact and feedback

Email : topnew { a t } hotmail { dot } com
Please indicate "sidu" in subject to pass spam filter

SIDU: May you be happy and at ease

土星善度:国土遍七宝, 欢喜日日生; 善护身口意, 平等度一心

SIDU video tutorial on youtube: