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    2022-04-15 00:00
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    5 - Text

    5.1 Text align: al ac ar aj, vt vm vb

    al = left ac = center ar = right aj = adjust. This line of text will be ajusted. From beginning to end. Please watch the spaces between words. When you resize screen size. When text falls into multiple lines.
    vt = top vm = middle vb = bottom This is default
    no class
    and many
    many text

    5.2 Float and clear

    fr = float right fl = float left

    clear = clear both

    5.3 General text

    This is domo text for tags in reds sub and sup and b for bolded and big and small and i for italic and s for stroke and u for underline and mark with own yellow color and code

    This is domo text for class in green .i for italic and .b for bold and .u for underline and .s for stroke and .big and .small and .serif and .mono and .code and .sans

    Above line is hr tag

    And if you want a hand on this line: class = hand

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