Backslashes in MySQL, Postgres and other major databases

There are 2 groups of behaviors:
MY: MySQL and Postgres 9.0-
PG: Postgres 9.1+, SQLite, CUBRID, etc

StringSIDU SQL InputSIDU Data EditSIDU ImportSIDU Export
SIDU: replace ' to ''
SIDU: replace ' to ''
chr(10) [\n]chr(10)chr(10)\\n
SIDU: replace \\n to chr(10)
SIDU: replace \r\n,\r,\n to \\n
\My \\ PG \\
SIDU.MY: replace \ to \\
SIDU.MY: replace \ to \\

PG group (Postgres 9.1+, SQLite, CUBRID, etc) treat \n as \n instead of chr(10) newLine. SIDU.PG.import will ask you if you want to replace \\n with \n[chr(10) newLine]

Now fully synchronized slash issues with all engines :D

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