SIDU 6.1 DB Web GUI - Download FREE

SIDU 6.1 has successfully passed real time testing in huge data warehouse. Download this FREE SQL front-end "GUI" tool now and make your database life easier :)

Download SIDU 6.1 - 2019.09.09 - 276k (275,810 bytes): Download now
md5: 3a0283bdb4eaa02b1c586f988ec27da6
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

What's New In SIDU 6.1

  • Fixed Login Cookie crashes
  • Improved UI Data Select scrollbar-x CSS
  • Add MySQL tinyint(4) cleanup in Table Desc

Download SIDU 6.0 - 2018.06.06 - 277k (276,788 bytes): Download now
md5: ffc30e7b0317a6b42baf47c7116ca7e0
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

What's New In SIDU 6.0

  • ADDed MySQL Foreign Key maps
  • ADDED tree for menu db names. i.e. db name now be grouped eg 1_db1, 1_db2 ...
  • ADDED mysql.information_schema.tables click on table name goto table directly
  • ADDED support for SQL keyword as column name
  • Fixed SQL result table header hover no column name
  • Fixed tab add row keyword col broken eg `key`

Download SIDU 5.5 - 2017.05.05 - 272k (272,754 bytes): Download now
md5: 6a7192962ee08ab9e0ca08be0fdaa0bd
Available languages: English, Chinese (中文)

What's New In SIDU 5.5

  • All code re-write and GUI re-designed
  • SIDU 5.5 only support MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite
  • Removed iframes, div frames are both click and drag resizable.
  • Mobile friendly, no need to select SQL to run, will run SQL at cursor block.
  • Run all / selected SQL as one SQL.
  • Save history to sidu_log table.
  • Apart from existing web hotkeys. There are new SIDU fn keys (Shift or Alt or Ctrl, no matter which you love) + click on menu tree object will open object in new window / tab.
  • In database mode, click on search will search database object; in table mode, click on search will search table column within a database.
  • Different database engine / host / etc, synchronise.
  • Improved data import / export, adding new json format to export. Download unzipped files if zip driver not available. Increased export file size to roughly 50MB depending on actually server settings.
  • Improved data grid more user friendly.
  • Default to data text mode to improve speed.
  • Tab data edit add multiple select for set datatype, and datepicker for date
  • Data add json view mode, export to json format.
  • Export add js to show dynamic conditions on selection.
  • Add SIDU log to table features
  • Improved MySQL user management
  • MySQL 5.7 user.Password, sys.view.$view in menu tree.
  • Fix some warning msg in PHP 7.0 and 7.1
  • And too many more, discovered by yourself.

Installation instruction

You do not need to install or configure SIDU. However you need to download the zip file and unzip it and just copy to your web folder. You can rename folder name from sidu to some-sidu to make it private.

A small tool does big job

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Install SIDU via AMPPS

SIDU is also available in AMPPS apps. AMPPS is a WAMP and MAMP stack of Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl & Python. AMPPS enables you to focus more on using applications rather than maintaining them. With AMPPS you can create a website by installing any of the 338 Apps, customizing it, and then simply publishing it on the internet via a wide choice of hosting service providers. AMPPS supports both Windows and MAC Platforms.