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    Localhost SIDU ssh connect remote site localhost

    2019-01-01 00:00
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    The following line is a handy tip to allow SIDU from localhost to ssh connect remote site's localhost, when remote database is not allowed connection from a remote IP:

    Open a terminal and input the following line:

    # ssh -fCTMNS /tmp/sidu_tunnel -p 22 user@remote.ip -L 3307:localhost:3306

    user@remote.ip == ssh user of a remote ip, and you need enter password at prompt

    save temp tunnel file at the /tmp

    Then open web browser eg:

    host =
    user = db-user
    pass = db-pass
    port = 3307

    And now you can connect a localhost SIDU to a remote site's localhost !

    When you finish work, you can stop the tunnel by:

    # ssh -S/tmp/sidu_tunnel -O exit remote.ip

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