SIDU Screenshot - Old screenshots for old version

SIDU 3 Database Web GUI is a FREE database client working via web browser. It is small in size but it has a rich collection of features handy for database admin and development.

The followings are old screenshots. For latest screenshots: SIDU screenshot - v 5.5

1. Tidy menu tree of objects and stats

You can see on the left menu-tree window: objects can be grouped to prevent scrolling too long on the page. You can customize the rule to group in SIDU option.

SIDU also provides helpful statistics on the object list window, eg size, rows, keys etc.

2. Flexible tool bars on object browser

You can turn on|off text next to icon on tool bars. For PostgreSQL, you can show or hide object OID

Click on History will show all SQLs that SIDU processes in the background.

3. SQLite multiple databases

You can connect to multiple databases at each time.

4. Easy and handy data editing

You can add, edit, delete data on the screen, multiple rows, just same as your normal application windows.

When data is deleted or updated, SIDU can backup original data, in case you want to manually roll back.

5. Quick data filter and double sort

Handy data filter on spot, you can hide some columns. And you can sort data in two columns.

You are happy to drag resize grid easily.

6. 3 types of run SQL at your choices

There are 3 types of tools to run SQL for you:

» RunAll will run all SQLs in SQL window, and only display the first SQL result which contains data, such as a select;

» Run will only run highlighted SQLs, and also only display the first SQL result which contains data;

» MultiRun will only run highlighted SQLs, and will display all SQL result data. This is handy when you want to run and compare data from multiple SQL results on the same screen.

If no SQL is highlighted, Run or MultiRun will both run all SQLs

7. SIDU connections

You can connect to databases you specified. Or leave blank to connect to all databases on a host.

You can open a saved SIDU connection file, which can be saved on your USB driver.

8. SIDU in safari

Click on column name to have a quick stat.

9. SIDU start page

You can connect to multiple servers locally and remotely. You can run multiple SIDU at the same time. You can stop or duplicate connection just at a click.

SIDU has its own firewall to double secure your data.

10. SIDU powerful export

With this powerful export, you can export whole DB, single table or SQL result.
You can save as html/csv/SQL format. You can view on screen or download the zip file.

11. SIDU SQL result with chart

3 types of charts: horizontal, vertical and V2 data.

Horizontal means columns are horizontal for xAxis eg
select year,jan,feb,mar from tab

Vertical means columns are vertical for xAxis eg
select year,count(*),sum(amt) from tab group by 1

Vertical 2 means both serial and xAxis columns are vertical. eg
select year,domain,count(*) from log group by 1,2

12. SIDU CSV Import

You can import as insert or update

For complete list of SIDU features, please read SIDU features page. If you have a request of new features, or report a bug, please feel free to contact me.

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