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    Blog Docs 7 - Admin tools

    2019-02-10 00:00
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    There are basic blog admin tools available (not copied back from previous version yet) via:

    at the bottom of editing any topic page:

    * Update Created: ?ajax=created&val=2018-12-25 12:34:56
    * Unlock: ?ajax=unlock&val=x (login only)
    * Update Meta: ?ajax=ext_url&val=www.abc.com
    * Update Meta: ?ajax=keyw&val=keyw of topic
    * Update Meta: ?ajax=desc&val=Short desc of topic in html head
    * Update Meta: ?ajax=info&val=Short desc of topic in home page
    * Update Meta: ?ajax=img&val=/blog/file/00/12/1234.png
    * List new msg: ?ajax=msg-list-new&val=10
    * Anyone can Sort topics or comments: ?sort= old , new , hot , pop , rank

    The old admin tools: eg advanced search, multiple topic process, email alert, spam blocker, web traffic stat reports, ticket form, wiki form, forum bbs listing etc not copied over yet.

    8. More about file system and file attachments

    Old blog default saves text (less than 256 chars into table) and rest into physical files.

    New blog default saves all text into table (blog_msg) and attachment files into physical files at /blog/file

    msg file for mid = 1234567 will be saved at: /blog/file/00/01/23/45/1234567.php

    msg attachment for mid 1234567890 url = default.png will be saved at /blog/file/12/34/56/78/1234567890-default.png

    There is a max limit of msg mid = 9,999,999,999 however MySQL max int limit = 4,294,xxx,xxx

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