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    Topnew Blog, Forum, Support v 2018 Released

    2018-10-10 00:00
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    Topnew Blog CMS v 2018.10.10 Released

    Topnew Blog CMS is a tiny 10KB size content management system, it has blog, forum, ticket, wiki, photo, video, stack-overflow etc styles, by simply set config $blog['style'] = 'wiki'; etc with the same CMS.

    It has all basic features such as publish, moderate, index / category list pages, multiple tags search, key words search, article ranking, customised sorting. Admin management tools. User group controls.

    Topnew Blog CMS need Topnew CMS Login plugin only. The rest of the system is independent and run by itself.

    This is an OOP version re-written based from previous versions with additional new features as of today:

    + easier photo usages
    + friendly youtube video codes
    + dynamic article photos if missing
    + random homepage shuffle if site lack of new article
    + unlimited themes plugin

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