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    Page Maker 5.0 Released 2014-01-05

    2014-01-05 05:00
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    Topnew Page Maker 5.0 Released 2014-01-05

    It is the GUI of Topnew CMS to make web pages easily.

    The default install works with LAMP.

    For windows XAMPP, just update the following and works:

    1 - table: acs_page_init
    meta = root
    init = C:/xampp/htdocs/ (note has /)

    2 - table: acs_domain
    root = C:/xampp/htdocs
    domain = http://localhost

    PS - If you do not know howto ln -s login.php at root, you can simply login via localhost/cms/login.php

    PS - If you are running on XAMPP and localhost, and can not get a reset password link usually send to your email because IP ...

    Open file /cms/login.php goto line 147 find
    if (cms_ip()=='')
    and change to
    if (cms_ip()=='::1')

    And it will ignore the email send and show the link on localhost instead.
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