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    PageMaker Doc 1 - Quick Setup Guide

    2013-12-11 23:13
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    1 - Topnew Page Maker depends on standard Topnew CMS.

    1A - So you need to upload /cms
    1B - You need at least table per_user so that you can login

    2 - Upload /page to your site.

    3 - Additional tables needed for PageMaker, though still works without:

    CREATE TABLE acs_page_lock (
    page_url varchar(255) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
    locked_by int NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
    locked_ts timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT now()
    );/*page edited by only one staff at a time*/

    CREATE TABLE acs_page_init (
    meta varchar(50) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
    init varchar(255) NOT NULL
    );/*page maker configuration*/

    INSERT INTO acs_page_init VALUES

    CREATE TABLE acs_domain (
    root varchar(99) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
    domain varchar(99) NOT NULL,
    abbr varchar(10)

    INSERT INTO acs_domain VALUES ('/var/www','http://localhost','');/*please input your actual values*/

    The following CMS tables needed:

    create table per_user(...);
    CREATE TABLE acs_access (
    acs_id smallint NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 PRIMARY KEY,
    acs_cat char(3) NOT NULL,
    acs_name varchar(50) NOT NULL,
    acs_desc varchar(255) NOT NULL,
    UNIQUE KEY acs_access_uk_name (acs_name)
    );/*staff access control*/

    INSERT INTO acs_access VAUES
    (7,'ADM','Page_Staff','Page Maker CMS: Staff, read write non-php files'),
    (6,'ADM','Page_Admin','Page Maker CMS: Admin, read write upload delete files incl php files. and init jobs');

    CREATE TABLE acs_access_user (
    unit_id smallint NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
    acs_id smallint NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
    pid int NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
    creator_pid int NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
    PRIMARY KEY (unit_id,acs_id,pid)

    INSERT INTO acs_access_user VALUES (1,6,20588,20668);

    CREATE TABLE acs_secure_ip (
    ckey int NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
    ip varchar(255),
    url varchar(255)

    If acs_page_init.secure_ip==1, you need above table to control user login can only be accepted from secure IP list.
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