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    2018-10-28 00:00
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    This topic is a place to collect feedback for SIDU bugs and feature requests.
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    NA - 2018-10-26   2

    Different color (eg background color or head bar color) for dev site and production site, so that easier to identify

    SL - 2018-11-28   1

    For non root users and in manage users tab:

    Could we display SHOW GRANTS result instead of non access ? Thanks

    James - 2021-08-12   1

    Hi SIDU,

    Thanks for the great tool for database.

    Would you please add the following features:

    1 - total stat of storage, count of tables etc at bottom of the home page?

    2 - add timezone at connection page (login page)

    3 - add shortcut of utf8mb4 char set support via login page

    4 - create table abc select * from old_ascii_table result of columns eg "col longtext CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci"

    Which is very annoying, is there a quick click to convert those to eg

    "col text"? or "col varchar(256)" ?

    James - 2021-09-13   0

    Great Job SIDU 6.2!

    One request: Is it easy to add the following:

    On data browser window, when it is a foreign key, add a small icon eg fk and clickable to jump to the parent table with data selected?

    NA - 2022-05-22   0

    SIDU 6.3 on MariaDB 10 if DB missing sidu_fk table stop to work. Also varchar default '' show as '' when add a new row

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