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SIDU hotkey list

2013-01-03 00:00
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SIDU provides a full list of hotkeys to work without a mouse

When you mouse over a button in SIDU and shows something like "Fn+R", it is a SIDU hotkey.

It has nothing to do with the key "fn" in recently-manufactured laptop keyboard.

Fn in SIDU means browser hotkey shortcut

Hotkey shortcut varies from browser to browser, Fn+R means run SQL in SIDU, in Firefox you can press Shirt+Alt+R, however in IE, you can press Alt+R then Enter

You can read more on wikipedia for a list of major browsers:

Here is the full list of all SIDU hotkeys
A : Run all SQLs and show only first data
B : SIDU welcome page and menus
C : Chart Vertical Data
D : Chart V2 Data
E : Export
F : Find
G : Go
H : History
I : Import
J :
K : Kill process
L : Load SQL file
M : Run selected SQLs and show multiple results
N : New connection
O : SIDU option
P : Show process list (MySQL)
Q : Quit SIDU
R : Run selected SQLs and show only first data
S : Save data
T : Template
U : User management
V : Show variables
W : Windows refresh
X : Drop tables | Delete data
Y : Data filter
Z : Switch Data Grid | HTML Text
/ : Resize left window
: Resize SQL|Result window
+ : Create DB,schema,table | Add data (or =)
- : Empty table
< : Page back
> : Page next
[ : Page first
] : Page last
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