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Optional sidu_fk table

2013-01-02 00:00
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sidu_fk is an optional table helps you and SIDU work better for foreign keys, enum, or meta data.

SIDU will produce drop-down select menu for data edit window based on instruction in table sidu_fk;

If sidu_fk has not been created or data not found in sidu_fk, SIDU will still produce drop-down select menu for MysQL enums or PostgreSQL foreign keys;

If select options are more than 200 values, SIDU will use input text field instead.

1. create sidu_fk table in each database
CREATE TABLE sidu_fk (
tab varchar(80) NOT NULL,
col varchar(80) NOT NULL,
ref_tab varchar(80) NOT NULL,
ref_cols varchar(255) NOT NULL,
where_sort varchar(255),
PRIMARY KEY (tab,col)

2. Example one: foreign key

table: customer(cid,title_id,name,age,...)
table: title(title_id,title_name)

eg. sidu_fk('customer','title_id','title','title_id;title_name','order by 1')

3. Example two: meta table

table: invoice(id,status,ccy,ts,amt,...)
table: meta_tab(meta,col,var)
eg. meta_tab('ccy','1','USD'),('ccy','2','EUR')
eg. meta_tab('status','1','New'),('status','2','Paid')

eg. sidu_fk('invoice','ccy','meta_tab','col;var',"where meta='ccy'")

4. How sidu_fk improves the display of PosgreSQL system catalog tables:

This is part of a system catalog table: pg_class

Now we add several rows into public.sidu_fk

Now let's show the pg_class table in SIDU again:
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