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Blog Docs 6 - Themes

2019-02-02 00:00
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Default blog will use Topnew MVC and it is using /css/2018.css, 2019.js

However you can overwrite via /blog/blog.css, blog.js

And you can also change view files at: /var/www/app/View/Blog/cat.blade.php, home.blade.php etc

OR you can even make it look totally different via: /blog/index.php:

$init = [
'page' => [
'home' => '.App.Controller.News.Home',
'cat' => '.App.Controller.News.Cat',
'topic' => '.App.Controller.News.Topic@viewName',
// rest of the init

Which means you are going to use your own controller eg /app/Controller/News/Cat.php (i.e. App\Controller\News\Cat) using default function view()

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