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How to install databases

You need to check official websites as howto. Here is a quick guide for ubuntu users as howto install Apache2+PHP5, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, CUBRID, MSSQL

A. Install apache2+php5: windows xampp; ubuntu:
sudo apt-get
Cat: SIDU | Read: 889536 | Msg: 2 | 2013-01-01  2

Godaddy Magic Quotes Problem

If you have problems on godaddy magic quotes, try this:
Wow, I finally found a solution that works.
(1) Do not try to turn off the magic quotes in your .htaccess file, it won’t work on godaddy.
(2) If you’re running PHP5 on your account, rename your php.ini file to php5.ini, make sure it’s in you
Cat: SIDU | Read: 309689 | 2013-01-04  2

Benson Bank Feature Request and Bug Report

This is a place to collect feature request and bug report for BensonBank CMS
Cat: BensonBank | Read: 244843 | Msg: 1 | 2018-10-29  1
Tag: Bank, Bug, Feature

Optional sidu_fk table

sidu_fk is an optional table helps you and SIDU work better for foreign keys, enum, or meta data.

SIDU will produce drop-down select menu for data edit window based on instruction in table sidu_fk;

If sidu_fk has not been created or data not found in sidu_fk, SIDU will still produce drop-down
Cat: SIDU | Read: 79496 | 2013-01-02  4

Topnew Blog, Forum, Support v 2018 Released

Topnew Blog CMS v 2018.10.10 Released

Topnew Blog CMS is a tiny 10KB size content management system, it has blog, forum, ticket, wiki, photo, video, stack-overflow etc styles, by simply set config $blog['style'] = 'wiki'; etc with the same CMS.
Cat: Blog | Read: 71999 | Msg: 1 | 2018-10-10  4
Tag: Blog, News, Forum, Wiki, Ticket

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