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Secure PHP login with database js for http sites

Topnew CMS uses secure PHP login with database, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite or CUBRID.

Topnew CMS 3.0 uses almost perfect secure PHP login algorithm with https site, which is unhackable, well at least the algorithm. However we need to take care of those http sites. The following
Cat: CMS | Read: 30611 | 2012-12-29

Wiki: Topnew Data Docs

Cat: CMS | Read: 5100 | 2018-11-11

SIDU hotkey list

SIDU provides a full list of hotkeys to work without a mouse

When you mouse over a button in SIDU and shows something like "Fn+R", it is a SIDU hotkey.

It has nothing to do with the key "fn" in recently-manufactured laptop keyboard.

Fn in SIDU means browser hotkey shortcut

Hotkey shortcut
Cat: SIDU | Read: 25186 | 2013-01-03  1

BensonBank Tutorial 1 - Get started

Assume you have installed Benson Bank correctly. If not, here is howto:

1 - goto Benson Bank website and download the zip
2 - unzip and upload to your site, eg localhost/bank

By default there are 2 example accounts installed: user/password=100/pass and 101/pass

Just login Bens
Cat: BensonBank | Read: 14991 | 2013-10-28

Topnew Blog, Forum, Support v 2018 Released

Topnew Blog CMS v 2018.10.10 Released

Topnew Blog CMS is a tiny 10KB size content management system, it has blog, forum, ticket, wiki, photo, video, stack-overflow etc styles, by simply set config $blog['style'] = 'wiki'; etc with the same CMS.
Cat: Blog | Read: 89520 | 2018-10-10  4
Tag: Blog, News, Forum, Wiki, Ticket

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