The next version of SIDU will use utf8 as default option of MySQL character-set at connection. If you are using other character-set, please do NOT forget to pick the right one before click connect button.

SIDU is a database front-end tool GUI

SIDU is a FREE database client working via web browser. SIDU is a simple, intuitive and easy database admin tool. Simply copy SIDU to your website and run without any setup. Written in PHP.

SIDU is a handy database admin tool

A professional database tool and FREE For

MySQL + PostgreSQL + SQLite + CUBRID

Good news: SIDU uses PHP PDO since 5.0, and SIDU works for extra database engines supported by PDO, such as Oracle, DB++, MS SQL, etc

SIDU 5.3 released on 25 May 2015

MySQL SIDU, PostrgreSQL SIDU, SQLite SIDU, CUBRID SIDU - My best SQL front-end GUI. FREE database admin and client tools.

SIDU is not only a joy tool, it helps you to have an easy life with databases, and enjoy the relaxation at work.


Free database front-end GUI tool for MySQL + PostgreSQL + SQLite

315K (v5.3)
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