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Topnew CMS Page Maker 5.0

Topnew Page Maker CMS

Topnew Page Maker is a light weight CMS less than 200KB, written in php, with a rich list of features such as:
» Files upload, or zip/unzip dir/files for upload/download
» Move, copy, rename, delete, chmod, symbolic links, create dir/files
» Browse directory as if in local file system
» File lock/unlock for multiple users conflict
» Non-PHP only for general staff
» Staff directory access control globally or individually
» Powerful full text code search for physical files
» more features please read support wiki site

Topnew Page Maker 5.0 - 2014.01.05

Firstly, you need install: Topnew CMS Core

page50.zip - 172k (172,642 bytes): Download now
md5sum aae55ba82e377741e733e1e704373f2d page50.140105.zip
» Page Maker CMS 5.0 Release Notes 2014-01-05
Tested in LAMP, XAMPP; MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite.

How to setup Topnew Page Maker

1. Install Topnew CMS Core and run the basic SQL;
2. Simply download page.zip and unload to your server;
3. Use SIDU to run topnew-page.sql (You might need to modify some data inside)
4. Open /page/index.php and update url=/cms/temp on line 1.

Page Maker : Edit file

Tips: How do I create a new page or dir?
Well simply input file url, and click GO

Upload FileYN
Create DirYN
Rename DirYN
Delete File|DirYNNo one can delete if init::can_del=0
Configure CMSYN
Create pagesAnynon-PHPPHPallowed codes ok for anyone
HTML tagsAnyAnyOR: a b i u img font span
Read blocked DirYN
Page DescYY
Page TempYN
File TypeAnyAny

Access from secure IPs only if init::secure_ip=1