Benson Bank CMS: Features and Screenshots

Benson Bank CMS is a free cash management system written in PHP + MySQL | PostgreSQL | SQLite | CUBRID. Since 5.5 Benson Bank default to SQLite for mobile server

1. Easy to do bookkeeping

Designed for the dummies, while it is professional in the background.

If you do not know what is credit or debit, simply treat it this way: movement of money from credit (left box) to debit (right box).

1. Easy bookkeeping

2. Easy Account Management

Easy and quick view of all account, speedy in various reporting

2. Account Management

3. Powerful Reporting System

Make various reports on same page with nice chart

3. Powerful Report System

Account Balance

Nice Chart

4. Quick setting of preferences

4. Preference settings

5. Overview of investment

Have an eye of all your investments and recent records. Smart error checking system. Simply screen-print this page for easy archive

Tips: Click on account name will shortcut to account charts.

A simple interest calculator provided at bottom of home page.

5. Overview of Investment

Benson Bank CMS 3.1 No Float

Since v3.1 there is no floating. eg previously record 100.34 will have to *100 = 10034 as an interger -- Do not worry, screen will still display as 100.34