Benson Bank CMS 5.5

Benson Bank CMS is a free cash management system written in PHP + MySQL / SQLite - It is an easy tool to manage your finance.

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Benson Bank CMS manage your finance FREE

» A tiny but powerful tool, free and easy to use
» Muiltiple user system like an online banking system
» Personal cash manager or cooperate financial system
» Since 5.5 default to SQLite and more portable

Benson Bank CMS: News

» 2015.09.09 v5.5 SQLite Mobile
» 2013.10.28 v5.0 Shop stock PDO
» 2011.07.31 v3.1 No float = old number * 100
» 2009.02.28 v3.0 Benson Bank NetBank
» 2008.04.02 v2.0 Benson Bank Professional
» 2007.10.10 v1.1 Add nice chart
» 2007.08.28 v1.0 Benson Bank CMS

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47K (v5.5)
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